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  • Have you ever wondered how you could roll-out learning across your firm quickly and uniformly?
  • Do you find it challenging scheduling training courses convenient for both your employees and the organisation in terms of time and location?
  • Do you wish to implement highly effective e-learning solutions as part of your employee development arsenal that would also help you optimise your training budget?

We have just what you need!

Management Transformation Ltd (MT) is pleased to introduce: MT Virtual Training Desk.
With over a hundred e-learning modules and a learning management system that accommodates up to 500 users at a time, MT Virtual Training Desk can meet your training needs with highly interactive and effective e-learning solutions. We understand that continuous learning is fundamental for long term performance and so our e-modules have been customised to address participant needs in their professional journeys and the objectives of their organisations.

e-Learning is becoming increasingly attractive to organisations because it promises faster roll-out of learning across the organisation, guarantees accountability by creating an audit trail, and helps organisations create learning communities and networks. e-learning is also an effective way of delivering consistent and continuous learning with just-in-time solutions for employee development. It is central to performance management, optimises the training budget and avoids logistical nightmares associated with physical training.

Our e-modules cover several areas that are considered of particular relevance to organisations, all of which are guaranteed to engage and educate participants.


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